Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Elfie 2013

Elfie did some crazy things this year. Here are our 24 days of craziness! Until next year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

At the beginning of December we started our Christmas traditions. Of course Elfie our Elf came right after Thanksgiving for his monthly stay. He did some crazy things this year! My next post will be all about Elfie. Our first adventure was going to Lights Under Louisville. Even though it is the same every year the kids love it so we always do it. It is a lot of lights and displays underground in the Mega Caverns and you drive through the Cavern. We make an evening of it so we all look forward to it.

Next we went to Light Up Audubon which is a light display and visit with Santa at my mom's hospital in Louisville. This was our first visit with Santa so the kids were so excited. Just two days later we had our next visit with Santa at my friend's house. She got Santa to make a visit and read the kids a book! They also got to make (and eat) cookies so they had a great time. That weekend we also had our first of our three Christmases.

We had a great time at all of our family Christmases. Definitely made some great memories. 

Christmas with the Hall's

Christmas with the Thacker's

Christmas with the Hall's/Austin's

(I explain this picture below)

Christmas Eve spreading reindeer food out for the reindeers!

Setting out cookies and milk (chocolate and white) for Santa

Watching videos from Santa...

Coming out to see what Santa brought!

Santa Came!!

She found her bitty baby first

Found his DS and dinosaurs!

She was very excited about her paint kit. She said "Mommy I'm like an artist!"

And the diva with her bitty baby...she is a mess. 

Here is the picture that my parents are looking at above. It is a picture that my siblings and I recreated from our childhood. My parents loved it and we loved doing it!

We had an amazing and memorable Christmas. It was nice to be off for a week since Aaron was off as well. We got to take the kids to a couple of movies and spend some quality time with them. We hope everyone reading had a very Merry Christmas as well!