Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Active Kiddos!

Aaron and I decided to get the kids into activities/sports this fall. I thought the best thing for Kylie to start with was gymnastics for her and for Blake we chose soccer since he is so active at home.
Kylie has done great in gymnastics. I will admit the first day was awful (we left 30 minutes early) but since then she has stayed and loved every minute of it (except for the stretching at the beginning of the class).
We take her to an awesome gymnastics company (SIGS for the local folks) and they do so good with her. All of the little girls in her class are 3 so they are all about on the same level. She is so proud of herself when she does something good. She’ll look at me through the glass (where the parents sit and watch) and wink at me. I love it!
Blake, on the other hand, really does not like soccer. I am not sure why because I thought he would like the fast pace of it as well as the contact. He will get out there for a minute or two then come over and ask if it is time to go home. I have a secret weapon for this Saturday’s game….I bought a new Thomas the Train and I am going to tell him that if he goes out and plays, he can have it. I guess we’ll see if it works!


First Day of PreSchool 2012

This post is a little overdue but I wanted to write it. Blake started back to preschool this year at the same school he went to last year. He schedule has changed a little because instead of going in the morning, he now goes in the afternoon. We did this so he can have the benefits of daycare and preschool. His daycare is amazing and I have loved it since he has started there. During the normal school months, they have scheduled learning curriculum each morning. So now Blake can have the daycare curriculum in the morning and the preschool in the afternoon. Another reason is by doing this, it eliminates his nap which he really doesn’t need.
I can already see a difference in him. Within the first month of both schools, he knows his seasons, days of the week, can write his name with no help, and is so interested in learning more! I had some worry with him about being behind because of his speech but that too has taken off this past month.
Probably the two biggest accomplishments in my book is that he can write his name and HE IS POTTY TRAINED!! Completely….like through the night and all. It just clicked for him one day and he decided to do it. I guess it was all or nothing with him and Aaron and I couldn’t be prouder. He is very proud of himself, too!
So Blake has had a big month and I can’t imagine what the next year is going to bring when he starts Kindergarten. I can’t believe I am even saying that!!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kylie Rose!

Sunday was Kylie's 3rd birthday! Just amazing that she has blessed our lives for three years. She is such a little princess and we are so lucky to have her. She is such a little diva so I can only imagine what she is going to be like in 10 years.
Here is a little bit about our little princess:
- Favorite Things: lip gloss, fingernail polish, and earrings
- Favorite Foods: Chicken, rice, cheese, salad
- Favorite Drink: Juice and white milk
- Favorite things to do: play house with her dolls, play with Blake, cuddle with mommy and daddy, watch Dora & Doc McStuffins, dress up in her princess dresses, go to gymnastics class
- You are completely potty trained and has been since Christmas last year
- You love to sing. Some of your favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me, The B-I-B-L-E, Amazing Grace, ABC's, and Twinkle, Twinkle
- You love your big brother so much. There are times that you all fight, then quickly make up so you can play together again. You all can't live without each other!
- You are weraing a size 4T right now and size 9 shoe. You weigh about 40-41 lbs and you are almost as tall as bubby.
Kylie chose her birthday party theme back in April when Katie had her birthday party. She was set on a princess party from the start so that is what we had. We had her party on Saturday and then on Sunday we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch to celebrate and play again. I think she had a great weekend.


A few pictures from Sunday at Chuck E Cheese. Kylie was so excited to tell "Chucky" that it was her 'Happy Birthday'. When Chucky wasn't out in the play area. She would walk around and call for him and get upset because she couldn't find him.

Here are a few pictures from the last three years:
2 weeks old
1 year old 
2 years old 
3 years old
Happy 3rd Birthday, Kylie Rose!! You are such a beautiful, smart little girl and I cannot wait to see how much you change this next year. Mommy, Daddy, and Blake love you so much!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Hiatus

Like I have said previously, we have been so busy and I have been trying to spends time with Aaron and the kiddos as much as possible since completing school. I thought it would be best to do one post on what we have been up to this summer just to catch-up.

So I will start in June (yes it has been that long). On June 4th, Aaron and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. We had a nice weekend away and went to Belterra Casino and Resort. We love going there because it's not too far away and we love the casino and they have a Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse which we love.
On September 9th, my mom, sister and aunt donated breast tissue to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tissue Bank at IU Simon Cancer Center. My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer so it meant a lot to all of us to do this. It was for such a great cause and if it was going to help research breast cancer, I was all for it.
One that same day, we had our Annual Alumni Dinner and Dance for my high school. Many people my age don't go but my whole family goes and we all have a great time. My high school alumni association is the largest and oldest alumni in Indiana since 1886 which is pretty amazing!
On June 10th, one of my best friends had a beautiful baby girl!! Amelia Jane White was 8lbs, 15ozs and 20 inches long. I got to go down and visit her a couple weeks after she was born and I loved that I got to hold her! I am having Amelia withdrawals so I need to make another trip down to Nashville to hold her again!

We celebrated Father's day on June 17th. I will be blogging later about all of the amazing men in my life. However here is a peek at the father's day gift I made my dad and father-in-law. I think they turned out pretty darn cute.
In July the kids made a trip to the dentist. They weren't that bad, but they weren't on their best behavior. No cavities so hopefully next time Aaron can come with me so it will be easier.
Also in July, Blake's daycare class took a trip to the Louisville Science Center. Being a chaperon, I was in charge of Blake and my niece Katie. It was a great trip and I think we all had a great time! We will be making a trip back very soon.
We also signed Kylie up for a dance/music class. She liked it but it was kind of slow for her. She still got to act like a ballerina. She is not one bit shy but she always acts shy in classes like this for the first 10 minutes or so. She was much more outgoing towards the end of the class.
My beautiful cousin got married in July also. She was such a gorgeous bride and her wedding was so pretty. It was also a pretty fun wedding with a lot of dancing going on. I am so happy for her and her new hubby, Chad.

At the end of July, my sister and one of our best friends took a road trip to St. Louis to see our favorite bands play - Train. It was amazing! It felt like we were 16 again. Not only did we have front row seats, we got to go on stage and sing with the lead singer for one of their songs!! They asked folks coming to the concert to submit videos singing this one particular song. So we did, jokingly, and we got picked! It was so much fun and it will always be something that all three of us will remember forever.
August started of great with our amazing cruise. I did find one more picture which is the picture they take when you are first getting on the ship. It is not the best of my dad, but good of everyone else.
On the 18th, my family had our first annual Corn Hole Tournament to benefit Alzheimer's. We started it in memory of my Grandma and it was such a success. So many local businesses donated and we made almost $3,000 that day! This Saturday is the walk and we will be donating $4,500 to the Louisville Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. I think this is so amazing and I know my Grandma would be so proud.  

To finish off this very long post, this weekend is a huge weekend for us. Kylie turns 3!! We have her party, the Alzheimer's walk, and Blake's first soccer game....all on Saturday!
Until next time....