Thursday, July 29, 2010


Tonight Aaron had a meeting with his group at school and then had class so I had the kiddos all by myself. We were just playing around and Kylie started sayin 'uh oh'! I thought it was so cute. I got my phone out and got it on video so I wanted to share. So sweet!

(Be sure to put my playlist below on pause!)

UH OH from Kaelin Thacker on Vimeo.

Here are some pics from the past couple of days. Blake was loving his corn and Kylie was loving her peas! And yes, Kylie is crawling perfect now so there is no more Army Crawl.

She looks like such a big girl in this picture!

Look at those lashes!!!

Grammy and Blake cuddling.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What A Week!

Last week/weekend was crazy! It all started Wednesday night and continued until Sunday night. I am still tired, but I wouldn't trade any of it.

Wednesday my mom, sister, the kids and I went to dinner with Vicki and Meg. Meg is Kristin's best friend from high school and Vicki is her mom. We try to meet up around every month and have dinner. We had great food and great company!

Thursday night Kylie and I went to dinner with my high school besties. There are 8 of us who try to get together every month or so and we have a blast. Kylie didn't have her best night because she was so tired. Next time, I will be child-free! We ate at Kobe and that is always an awesome experience. Yummy!

Friday night Aaron and I dropped the kids off at mom and dad's and headed to the River (Ohio River) to meet up with 3 other couples from high school. It was the other girls and their hubbies who planned our high school reunion and we were celebrating that all of the planning was over (at least until another 10 years)!

We cooked out then went to a little bar across the street for Karaoke night! SO. MUCH. FUN. I had not been karaoking since college and it was a blast. Aaron even got up there! Here are some pictures from the night.

(It was 95 degrees that night so pay no attention to the lovely hair and sweatiness)

Saturday night we had a going-away party for one of my besties from college. We had a nice dinner and great conversations. I forgot to take pictures until after Brittany left so I didn't get a girls picture :(  I will miss Ashley so much when she moves to Nashville! We have had many lunch dates over the last few years and I will miss her being so close!

Sunday my MIL and I threw a baby shower for one of Aaron's best friends from high school and his wife. They are having a baby boy in a couple of weeks and we can't wait to meet him! I created one of my diaper cakes for the event and I think it turned out cute! I also ordered some embroidered burp clothes for 'Jack' which turned out adorable. I got them from Sew Many Blessings Embroidery if you are interested, very cute stuff! Here are some pictures from the shower.

I will leave you with this cutie patootie...

Have a great week!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Weekend Away

We had a very nice time away from reality this weekend. I was off of work of Friday and Monday and it was so nice. Since starting my new job, I have been working on a pretty stressful project and this weekend made it all better :)

My family and my Mom's brother's family went to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. There were 19 of us and we had a great time. Friday when we got there, we pretty much just relaxed and hung out. Here is a picture of some of us at Cracker Barrel before heading south.

I also noticed this in the backseat and it made my heart smile :)

On Saturday, we rented a pontoon and my Uncle had his boat so we went out on the lake all day. It was so much fun! Our pontoon had a slide on it and we also went tubing and skiing. Here are some pics of our awesome day.

The kids were exhausted as you can see! Blake still has his Capri Sun in his hand.

When we got back to the house, the three youngest were watching Cars on Nana and Papa's bed in their diapers.

The next night, we went out to dinner and I put Kylie's hair in pigtails for the first time. So cute!!

Uncle Jonathan and Kylie

And that night after pigtails.....

Here is a picture of all of us on the deck on the first night.

We had a wonderful weekend and I am really not ready to go back to work tomorrow. Oh well.

I will leave you with some inspiration from Austin. This video makes me so happy! I love how he gets so into the song!

(Be sure to mute my playlist on the bottom on my blog so you can hear him)

Our Little America Idol from Kaelin Thacker on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Round-up

It has been a great weekend and I am sad it has come to an end. Just one more day, pleeeeeaaase? Ok, ok, a four day work week will do...thank you! We leave for Lake Cumberland on Friday! Wooo Hooo!

This Friday and Saturday was busy. Friday was my brother's birthday and we celebrated with a cookout at my parent's house. I love cookouts! It was hot, but nice. Here are a couple of pics from the night.

On Saturday Aaron and I both had to work for a few hours in the morning, then I had my cousin Kim's baby shower, then Aaron and I went to see Ralphie May the comedian. He was awesome! I highly recommend him, however if you are easily offended, do not go! Aaron and I had a great time. I even got my picture with him (on my iphone) on the way out!

I also got a few more zucchini from my garden and one was as big as Kylie! I don't think she knew what to think about it! I did find a few recipes for zucchini cakes, zucchini bread, and zucchini cheese bread so hopefully I will be able use them all! If you live close and you would like some, PLEASE EMAIL ME!

I also found a few random pictures that I love and I wanted to include them. I hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, July 9, 2010

10 Months

My baby girl is 10 months old today!

Here are a few updates for her:

-You are crawling! You only crawl about 4-6 crawls, then you fall and continue with your army crawl.

-You are also starting to pull up. I walked into your room this past weekend to get you up from a nap and this is what I saw -

(sorry for the poor picture quality, it was taken with my iphone)

-You love everything we feed you, especially anything we are eating.

-You are eating (baby) cereal for breakfast with a bottle, stage 3 fruit for lunch with a bottle, another bottle for a snack, a stage 3 vegetable for dinner (with some puffs on the side), and a bottle before bed.

-You go to bed anytime between 7:30-8:00 P.M.

-You are wearing 12 month clothes, 18 month pj's.

-You are wearing size 4 diapers (which also happens to be the same size as your big brother!)

-You love watching Disney movies with your bubby. Especially Shrek, Cars and Ice Age.

-You love swimming in Nana and Papa's pool with Mommy and Daddy. You also love your baby pool.

-You love to go swinging with Blake.

-You love to cuddle, but when you want down on the floor to play, you arch your back until we put you on the floor to crawl around.

-You still only have two teeth...but I think more are coming soon.

-When we start to sing 'Patty Cake', you start clapping your hands and you get so excited.

Kylie, you are such a sweet baby girl and Mommy and Daddy love you so much.