Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad Weekend at the Thacker Household

Well I hope everyone had a better weekend than the Thacker household did. I knew it wasn't a good sign when I got a call from the sitter saying that Blake was covered in a 'rash' and that I needed to come and get him. I immediately left work and picked him up and it was horrible! He has never done this before so I had no clue what to do. He didn't seem to be bothered by it, but it looked awful. I got right into the doctor to find out that it was caused by his STREP THROAT!!! He wasn't even acting sick at all so we had no clue he was sick. I felt so bad for him :(

Here is a picture of his rash. It was awful!

So of course we knew that Kylie needed to be seen since they are always in each other's faces. We got her into the doctor too and you guessed it....Strep Throat AND another Ear Infection!! Poor baby cannot get over her ear infections and now Strep too! She has only been a week off of her antibiotics and the doctor said it was VERY infected. I never thought I would say this but I can't wait for her to get her tubes! It is scheduled for April 14th which is the only day our ENT does surgery at Kosair. Her primary doctor said she will probably just have to be on antibiotics until her surgery.

So on Saturday we were supposed to go to Lexington for a wedding and I woke up sick too. Wow can the weekend get any worse? Of course it can! On top of me being sick, I had a test for school on yesterday and I DID NOT want to study!

My MIL has stayed with the kids this week since it is her Spring Break, which has helped out a lot. The kids are much better today and pretty much back to normal. We took a walk this evening because it was so nice outside. Blake threw his normal fit when we came in but we told him that we were going in to watch Shrek so he was ok then.

Here are some pictures of the kids and as you can see they feel much better.

Blake likes to play in his room now by himself. I'm still not convinced to let him do this yet.

Look how big her foot looks here!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sad little snowman

I found this picture when I was cleaning out some things and I wanted to share it with the world. It is my brother and I posing with our sad little snowman back in the day. I love how my jacket is too small to zip and Jonathan's is pretty small too! Makes me laugh out loud each time I look at it. HAHA!

Monday, March 22, 2010


When I find something that inspires me, I can't seem to stray from it. I find myself going back to that place over and over and somehow, it keeps me mesmerized. Somehow I found this inspiration through a blog that I just happened upon. Needless to say, I am now a follower and an avid daily reader of this blog and I look forward to every new post.

You can find this blog here.

The post that got me hooked was the post from the birth of her second daughter. You can find that here.

Just know that if you read one post from Kelle, not only will you want to read all of her other posts, you will return each day to see if she has posted anything new about her beautiful baby girls. She is an inspiring woman and mother. When I read her blog, it inspires me to be a better mother and a better person.

Please read her blog and become inspired.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was absolutely beautiful outside so when we got home from work, we took a little walk before the UK game. Blake was so excited and so was Jackson! The car said it was 68 degrees outside! I love this time of year and I can't wait for it to be like this everyday! Bad news is the forecast is calling for snow flurries on Monday....seriously?!?

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos from our walk.

This was the first time I got to use my double stroller and it rocked!

Kylie's Doctor Appointment

On Tuesday we went to the ENT to discuss Kylie's ear infections. I was really dreading this appointment because I pretty much knew what the outcome was going to be. I obviously will do what is best for Kylie, but I didn't want to put her through the process of getting tubes unless it was the only thing that would help her.

After the doctor was done explaining the process and going over her history, he recommended that we go ahead with the tubes. Dang it! I really thought there were more options! He explained that because she is only 6 months old and has had 4 ear infections in 3 months, there were really no other options. She has been on 3 different antibiotics which is not good for her little body anyway. The doctor told us that if Kylie was his daughter, this would be choice also. That made me feel a little better but of course he is going to say that, he was the surgeon!

This doctor also did the same procedure to one of our friends little girl, Ellie. He also removed my nephew's tonsils a few months ago so he comes highly recommended. I know she will be in the best hands since she is having the procedure done at Kosair's.

Poor baby girl! She is such a mommy's (and daddy's) girl so it is going to be hard to hand her over when it is time for the procedure. She is so young! She is not going to know what to think the day after the surgery. She is so use to her ears being infected and having fluid in them that she doesn't know how it feels to be infection-free. The doctor explained it to us as if we were on an airplane and your ears won't pop....that is how she has felt for the last 3-4 months! Also, with each ear infection, we never knew she had one. We only found out with her first one at her 3 month check-up and that was the initial double ear infection. Ever since then they really have never gone away.

I know that this is such a minor procedure but my heart breaks when my kids are sick. Please everyone keep Kylie in your prayers!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesdays with the Cousins

Every Tuesday Aaron and my brother-in-law Jeremy have class (Aaron is getting his MBA and Jeremy is getting his Masters to teach). So Kristin and I make it a point to get together so the kids can play and we can catch up. Today was no different so I decided to take some pictures of the cousins.

Austin and Blake, BFF

Katie and Blake (Katie is 17 days older)

My attempt to get a picture of all 4 of them. Awesome action shot!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I had to share these pictures. Blake and I were playing with some Elmo stickers and he was having too much fun.

Kylie even got one!

And so did Jackson!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Shower

This weekend I threw a baby shower for my best friend Emily. It was a couples shower / St. Patty's Day party and it was so much fun. We had beer and wings so the guys there were even satisfied. One of my friends Whitney made the cake and it was adorable and tasted fantastic! Emily, or Moses as I have always called her, looked so cute and wore the cutest shirt to the shower. They did not find out what they are having (I think it's a girl) so we will have to wait until April 14th(ish) to find out!

Here are some pictures from the night. We had a baby sitter so it was a much needed, great night out for us.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kylie Rose

Kylie Rose is 6 Months Old!! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by since I had her. She will be walking before we know it! We went to the doctor today for her check-up and almost everything was perfect (I will explain later). Big girl is growing so fast!

Here are some updates for Kylie:

You are 20lbs, 12ozs, 28 inches long, which is >95th percentile!

You have no teeth, but you are drooling and chewing on your hands!

You love bath time. You are almost too big for your baby tub! You kick like crazy when you are in it and splash every where :)

You love watching your big brother run around. He loves making you laugh too.

You are VERY ticklish! I just love your little giggle.

You love staring at Jackson. He makes you laugh!

You love watching TV. Thank goodness you like Shrek because you have watched it 1001 times!

Baby foods you love - Bananas, Applesauce, Cereal with any flavor, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Peas
Baby foods you hate - Cereal with no flavor (just like mama!)

You are a wonderful sleeper just like your big brother! You go to sleep around 9-9:30 after your last bottle and sleep until we wake you up at 7am to get you ready for Donna's. You take 3-4 naps a day, each 1-2 hrs.

You have a lot of hair! It is very fine and thin (again just like mama's) but still not enough to wear bows by themselves or pig tails. I can't wait for that!

You still like your paci. You can take it out of your mouth now but most of the time you can't get it back in. You will also play with anything Blake gives you to play with. However he usually takes it back 20 seconds later.

You are starting to reach for anything in your reach. When my face is close enough, you reach out and touch it and we have some deep conversations like this.

You can roll all the way over! You only roll one way (right) but you can go from your tummy to your back then back to your tummy.

You are wearing 9 month clothes and you wear a size 3 diaper.

Right now your nickname is Nosey Rosey because you want to see everything that is going on, especially when you are eating your bottle.

However with good news there always seems to be bad news. At the doctor today, you had another ear infection, which will be your fourth in three months. Dr. Pringle referred us to an ENT and we will be visiting them soon. I really hope you don't have to have tubes put in your ears, but if that is what is necessary, then that is what we will do.

Mommy and Daddy love you very much! You and your big brother bring so much love and joy to our lives. You will never know how much we love you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Girls Weekend

This past weekend I went to a Bachelorette Party for one of my good friends from college, Katie. I have been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time because I needed to escape from 'mommy-mode' just for one night. Aaron would be at home with the kids with the much appreciated help from his parents.

The weekend started off with a trip to a wonderful spa in Nashville. I got an Indian Head Message (scalp message) and it was WONDERFUL! I could have laid there for two more hours but I guess 40 minutes was enough. After everyone finished up at the spa, we went to a sports bar to eat lunch and try to watch the UL game. Much to our surprise, they wouldn't even turn one TV over to the UL/Syracuse game since Vandy was on. Even though I am an IU/UK fan, I wanted to watch the UL game since they were playing the #1 seed and it was the last game in Freedom Hall....AND UL won!!! Great way to end the era at the stadium. The highlight of lunch was when we saw Barry Williams, otherwise know as Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch!! He was on his way out and I think everyone at my table thought I was crazy when I told them. I always get excited to see celebrities, even if they were celebrities 35 years ago.

After lunch, we headed to the hotel. We stayed at Union Station and it was amazing!! It use to be an old train station and it was absolutely beautiful. Seth did a great job picking out the place! The lobby was gorgeous and the rooms were very nice too. I would recommend to anyone going to Nashville for a weekend.

We hung out at the hotel and started getting ready to go out for the night but first we had a personal shower for Ms. Knight. I thought this was the best part of the night. We are getting older so it wasn't very wild. We sat around and before Katie opened each present, the person giving the gift told a story or shared something about Katie. This brought back so many memories of college and made me miss those days so badly. When people ask me if I would ever go back to those times, I really don't think I would do anything different because I believe everything happens for a reason. I made wonderful lifetime friends and my wonderful husband and I wouldn't trade those for anything.

After the shower we went out to dinner at Cabana and it was amazing. We had our own private cabana with a TV and an IPod hookup. The food was amazing and I think everyone had a great time! After dinner we went to Broadway where all of the bars are and our first stop was Decades. As you can guess, they played a lot of 90's music which brought me back to high school and I think all of us knew every word to every song played. It was so much fun! We stopped at a few more places and then headed home, stopping at a hot dog stand on the way. By the time we got back, ate more food left from the shower and told stories, it was 2:30 am (3:30 my time) and I was exhausted! I can't remember the last time I was up at that time when I wasn't feeding a baby.

I think everyone had a great time (with the exception of one getting a stomach bug) and I can't wait for the next friend to get married so we can do this again. I miss you girls so much!!!

Bachelorette Katie with BFF Seth

The whole crew