Friday, February 25, 2011

February 23

This past Wednesday was Jackson's birthday! He turned 8 years old....which means I feel old! Last year for his birthday I posted some very cute pictures of him on this blog last year which you can find HERE.

Jackson is such a spoiled puppy. He is a very needy dog too. He loves attention especially when guests visit the house. We have seen a few changes in him within the past year since he has gotten older. He sleeps a lot and his allergies have gotten a lot worse. He snores like crazy! We still love him though. Mr. Gray beard is my favorite dog in the whole world!

Happy Birthday, Jackson!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Austin!

Our weekend started on Friday night at Chuck E Cheese where we celebrated Austin's 5th birthday. I think the kids had a blast and we were exhausted!

I cannot believe Austin is 5! It seems like yesterday Kristin called and said she was in labor.

On Saturday we celebrated at Kristin and Jeremy's with a family party. Austin was so excited! He had a Ninja Turtle themed party. The cake was adorable!

On Saturday night Aaron and I went out with Kristin and Jeremy since Jeremy's sister Lisa was in from California. Some other friends met us out as well and we had a blast! We never go out so it was nice to hang out with friends. We don't get to see our friend Jeanne very much and it was very nice to hang out with her for little bit.

We had a great weekend and I really wish I had tomorrow off. Oh well! Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I thought I would link up with Jaime for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving 'The Good Wife'. Aaron and I are watching it on DVR right now!

I'm loving my job right now. Starting this week I am working from home on Fridays!!

I'm loving this fabulous drink. I honestly CANNOT live without it.

I'm loving this camera lens for my Canon. I have been stashing away some cash here and there so I can get it without messing up our budget! :)

I'm loving that this weekend is my nephew's 5th birthday because I get to see all of my family.

I'm loving my new couch! It is the most comfortable couch EVER!

And of course I'm loving my hubby and my babies.
(Even with Kylie's crazy after-bath hair.)

Happy Hump Day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend has been so nice. We didn't do much since the kids were recovering from strep. I hate that we didn't get to take advantage of the 61 degree weather today but I didn't want to take the chance and get the kids sick again. We did get out of the house on Saturday to go to Austin's basketball game at the YMCA which was awesome. He is so competitive and is already very athletic. As you can see I didn't get any of Blake because he didn't sit still long enough.

This one is for Uncle Jonathan. We are not only UK fans but the kids and I are also IU fans!

My parents watched the kids on Saturday night so that Aaron and I could have a date night. I was so excited because we were going to one of our favorite places, J.Alexanders. We had a wonderful meal and good conversation.

Today we didn't do much. I didn't leave the house and Aaron only did because he ran to the store. The kids stayed in their PJ's until bath time. I think that is a good day! I put Kylie's hair in pigtails and she looked so cute!

Random shot of Blake playing

These kids would brush their teeth 10 times a day if I let them. I love this shot of them.

And we had a bit of a tragedy this evening. the back cover finally fell off our Go, Dog. Go! book. This was Blake's first book that he LOVED. We read it to him 30 times a day and I still have it memorized. Kylie has learned to love it as well so if you want a cute little book, go get this one. Good thing we have a back-up copy!

And look what my Valentine got me!! I borrowed my mom's last weekend and I mentioned to Aaron that I loved it so he got me one! It is the Hoover Wet/Dry FloorMate. It works wonder in the kitchen and the entryway. I highly recommend it if you are in the market for one.

I hope everyone has a great week! Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well we made the trip to the pediatrician's office this morning because of Blake's rash, pretty much knowing it was strep. This picture was taken when we were playing in the waiting room -

One hour later and we had two prescriptions for antibiotics - one for Blake and one for Kylie. Yep, Kylie had strep too. No wonder she has been fussy lately! I just thought it was her last molar that has been trying to come through for the past month.

On another note, this past weekend I talked with some of my girlfriends who have recently potty trained their little boys and got some great ideas when it is time for Blake (thanks Jen and Sarah!) So I found a box to put a bunch of little things in that Blake loves including suckers, silly bands, matchbox cars. With this, anytime he sits on the potty he will get to pick something out of the box. Once he does this for a week or so (maybe longer), he will then have to go #1 in order to pick something out of the box. Baby steps here :)

So as you can see, he sat on the potty tonight! Twice! First time he chose the silly bands and the second time he chose smarties. I was so proud of him and he was pretty pround of himself, too! Here he was showing me his silly bands -

I also have this very cute video of Kylie. Be sure to mute the music at the bottom of the blog before playing it. Her sweet laugh gets me every time.
Kylie 02.10.11 from Kaelin Thacker on Vimeo.

I LOVE that tomorrow is Friday! Yeah for the weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Someone has the giggles....and strep

My brain is mush right now. I just got home from taking my Economics test and my head is POUNDING. Not sure why I felt like I needed to get on the computer but I wanted to post this cute picture of my little man. He has the giggles and you can't even tell but he has strep rash. Poor baby gets a rash all over his body every time he has strep so I pretty sure he has it. We will be making an early morning trip to the doctor to get tested and more than likely take Kylie as well since she has been fussy lately.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Bird!

We had a baby shower today for a dear friend of mine who is due in April. It was so good to see many of my college girlfriends. I realize how much I miss all of them when I get to spend time with them.

Amanda, Baby Bird's mommy, is a really good friend of mine from college. We have gotten even closer over the past few years since she lives and works pretty close to me. I am so excited for her and her husband to become parents. This little guy they are about to bring into this world is so lucky to have amazing, wonderful parents like Jasper and Amanda. I cannot wait to meet their little man!

Jasper and Amanda are keeping the name a secret until he is born which is killing me. I love embroidered things so it is driving me nuts! So we are calling the little guy Baby Bird because of Amanda's nickname in college.

I love planning showers and parties so I knew it was going to be a fun day.

Amazing Cupcakes and Dipped Marshmallows

Diaper Cake

A fun craft we had for the crafty mom-to-be....the nursery is a 'bird' theme with the colors below. I think they turned out adorable!

Kylie and Macy had similar hair styles....both had the pebbles hairdo.

The boys enjoying some fruit snacks.
Blake, Caleb (Sarah's little one) and Christian (Jen's little one)

Girls Shot
Front Row: Lindsey, Katie, Amanda, Shea, Sarah
Back Row: Ashley, Me, Jen

The hostesses and mom-to-be
Me, Amanda and Ashley

I had such a wonderful time at the party and I hope everyone else did too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My little guy

I had class tonight but when I got home, I was very excited that my little man decided to stay up to see me. I needed it after a long day at work then 3 hours at school.

This is what I saw when I got home along with 'dare you are!' from Blake. This is one of Blake's favorite saying right now and Aaron and I giggle every time he says it.

Someone followed me into my room and wanted a 'dink' (drink) so I snapped this pic of my handsome little guy.

Before bed we read a little Dr. Seuss.

And got a sticker for sitting on the potty.....we are taking baby steps here :)

I didn't get to spend as much time with this little guy tonight but for the hour that I did, we had so much fun!

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