Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Bird!

We had a baby shower today for a dear friend of mine who is due in April. It was so good to see many of my college girlfriends. I realize how much I miss all of them when I get to spend time with them.

Amanda, Baby Bird's mommy, is a really good friend of mine from college. We have gotten even closer over the past few years since she lives and works pretty close to me. I am so excited for her and her husband to become parents. This little guy they are about to bring into this world is so lucky to have amazing, wonderful parents like Jasper and Amanda. I cannot wait to meet their little man!

Jasper and Amanda are keeping the name a secret until he is born which is killing me. I love embroidered things so it is driving me nuts! So we are calling the little guy Baby Bird because of Amanda's nickname in college.

I love planning showers and parties so I knew it was going to be a fun day.

Amazing Cupcakes and Dipped Marshmallows

Diaper Cake

A fun craft we had for the crafty mom-to-be....the nursery is a 'bird' theme with the colors below. I think they turned out adorable!

Kylie and Macy had similar hair styles....both had the pebbles hairdo.

The boys enjoying some fruit snacks.
Blake, Caleb (Sarah's little one) and Christian (Jen's little one)

Girls Shot
Front Row: Lindsey, Katie, Amanda, Shea, Sarah
Back Row: Ashley, Me, Jen

The hostesses and mom-to-be
Me, Amanda and Ashley

I had such a wonderful time at the party and I hope everyone else did too!

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