Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blake's 4 Year Check-Up

Last week Blake has his 4 year check-up at the doctor. Amazing that he is 4 YEARS OLD! Before we know it, he is going to be a teenager and it makes me so sad how fast he is growing up. This past year he has grown up so much. He doesn't even look like a baby anymore. He is so smart and his speech has gotten so much better since he has started preschool. He is so full of love and is very an emotional little boy. I will say he is a momma's boy, too!

He is growing like a weed!

His stats were:
41.8 lbs (87th percentile)
3 feet 6.5 inches (90th percentile)

He still isn't potty trained. I think he is the most stubborn 4 year old around when it comes to using the potty. He straight up refuses to use it...even when I bribe him with Spiderman toys, candy, stickers and many more things. Nothing seems to work! I am really hoping this summer it will just click, somehow, someway. Everyone says that it will happen and to not push it. However it NEEDS to happen soon! I am open to any and all suggestions...please :)

Other than the potty issues, Blake is a happy and healthy boy. I thank God everyday for this amazing little boy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spiderman Party!

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated Blake's birthday with a Spiderman party. This was actually the first year that he got to choose what theme he wanted for his party. I will admit that I narrowed it down for him but he made the final decision. The options I gave him were based on what he loves right now so his options were: Pirate Party, Spiderman Party or Cars/Trucks Party. There was no question - he chose Spiderman right away. I was kind of looking forward to a Pirate Party but maybe next year.
I previously posted that we got him (and Kylie) a small trampoline for his birthday so I knew the other kids would like it at his party. We also had the blow-up and the playset ready to go.

It was so cute this year when Blake was opening his presents. I was curious how he would react with opening presents because at all of his other birthday parties, I have had to pretty much open the presents and show him. This year he was such a big boy. He picked up the present and ripped the paper off or threw out the tissue paper. He wanted to stop opening presents and play with each toy so I had to remind him about his other presents.

Happy Birthday, Blake! Mommy and Daddy love you!
Spiderman Cape: AsYouWish via Etsy
Cupcake Toppers: TopItCupcakes via Etsy

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Congratulations Jonkey!

A couple of weekends ago my family made the trip up to Dayton Ohio to watch my oldest younger brother graduate from Law School. I'm so proud of him! Now I have an attorney in case I ever need one :)

Jonathan also met an amazing, sweet, beautiful woman at Law School. Laura and Jonathan are so great together! Congratulations to her as well for graduating!

Congratulations Jonathan and Laura!! We love you!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Blake!

Happy Birthday, Blake!
I cannot believe he is 4! Time goes by way too fast, especially when they are little. I love seeing them grow up but it makes me sad at the same time. It seems like yesterday I had a 9lb, 8oz little bundle of joy who looked exactly like his daddy.
Here is a brief recap of the last four years for Blake:
This is a picture of Blake at about 2 months old:

Blake @ 1 year old:

Blake @ 2 years old:

Blake @ 3 years old:

Present day Blake:

Some of your favorites:
Chocolate Milk
Watching Movies
Playing Outside
Chicken Nuggets
Playing games on mommy's iphone
Jumping and Running
Playing Cars
Chocolate Ice Cream

You can count to 20 something
You can say your ABC's (you may leave a few letters out sometimes)
You recognize almost all letters and numbers
You can almost write your name
You love Kylie and you call her sissy and Kylie
You love dancing with mommy and daddy
You are a very sensitive little boy
You love your family
You give the BEST hugs!

A couple of things I never want to forget:
When I drop you off at school, you give me a big hug and kiss and as you walk away, you turn and look at me and blow me a kiss and say "see you waiter you".
When I put you to bed, you always want me to lay down with you and you say 'five minutes, mommy'.

I did a birthday questionnaire this year and I know I am going to love doing this. I also videoed it on my phone but it cut off at the very end of the interview.

Words cannot describe how much I love this little boy. He is so sweet!