Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blake's 4 Year Check-Up

Last week Blake has his 4 year check-up at the doctor. Amazing that he is 4 YEARS OLD! Before we know it, he is going to be a teenager and it makes me so sad how fast he is growing up. This past year he has grown up so much. He doesn't even look like a baby anymore. He is so smart and his speech has gotten so much better since he has started preschool. He is so full of love and is very an emotional little boy. I will say he is a momma's boy, too!

He is growing like a weed!

His stats were:
41.8 lbs (87th percentile)
3 feet 6.5 inches (90th percentile)

He still isn't potty trained. I think he is the most stubborn 4 year old around when it comes to using the potty. He straight up refuses to use it...even when I bribe him with Spiderman toys, candy, stickers and many more things. Nothing seems to work! I am really hoping this summer it will just click, somehow, someway. Everyone says that it will happen and to not push it. However it NEEDS to happen soon! I am open to any and all suggestions...please :)

Other than the potty issues, Blake is a happy and healthy boy. I thank God everyday for this amazing little boy.

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  1. I might cry. Why do they get so big?? WHY!!!!
    My suggestion about potty- make him change his own diapers! Good luck!