Thursday, February 25, 2010


This past Tuesday was my eldest son's birthday. Jackson turned 7 years old!!! For those of you who do not know, Jackson is our pit bull puppy dog. Yes I still call him a puppy dog mainly because he thinks he is a puppy. He'll jump in your lap and lick your face...and he weighs 75 lbs. We have always cuddled with him and held him like a puppy so mentally, he probably still thinks he is. Aaron still lets him jump in his lap and lick his face so he thinks it's ok to do it to everyone else. He loves to lick Blake and Kylie and most of the time, neither of them mind. However there are times that Blake gets so mad at Jackson that he turns to him and screams "NO!!".

We adopted Jackson when he was 6 weeks old so he has pretty much been in our care all of his life. We have been strict with him mainly because of his breed's reputation. We didn't want people to be afraid to come over because of Jackson. For the most part, he is really good when anyone comes to the house. However he does get VERY excited when we have visitors and again, he wants to lick them in the face.

Jackson HATES getting baths but LOVES the beach. Not sure how this happened but we took him to the beach a couple of years ago and he loved playing Frisbee on the beach and jumping into the waves. I think he dreams about it at night :) We will be going to the beach this fall with Aaron's family and Jackson will be going with us. He was pumped when we told him!

Aaron and I took Jackson to a dog obedience school when I was pregnant with Blake. He did very well and Aaron and I learned a lot. We both learned how to walk with Jackson without him running off, how to keep him calm when we have visitors and how to be gentle with people. We have kind of slacked off lately and really haven't worked with him much. However for the most part, Jackson is still very good.

We can tell that Jackson is getting older. His beard is getting very gray and you can really tell since he is a very beautiful red color. He also sleeps a lot and gets tired very fast. However when he sees my father-in-law Roger, he acts like a puppy again. We can just say 'Roger' and shakes his butt and looks around for him.

Here are some pictures of Jackson when he was a pup and some recent pics. I also included one from the beach.

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson!!!

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