Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kylie Update

So we went to the doctor today to get the results of Kylie's Kidney ultrasound and also it was the check-up on her ear infection. I have prayed all day that both were perfect because if she still had an ear infection, we would have to go and visit the ENT and if her ultrasound wasn't perfect, I was just worry and dread whatever the next steps were.
Well the doc said her ear was clear (thank goodness). I know tubes aren't so bad but I didn't want to have to even go through that (and I am sure Kylie didn't want to either). They found a minor issue with her ultrasound. Since I am really not a medical person, I didn't understand everything she was saying but basically the end of the urethra that connects to one of her kidneys was dilated. Dr. Pringle said that this was not uncommon and she wasn't too worried. However she wanted to do a follow-up ultrasound in 3 months to make sure it looked ok.
Even though doc wasn't worried, I was freaking out inside. You never want your baby to be sick or have any abnormalities and even though this was 'not a big worry' for the doc, I wanted to cry. Now that I have let everything sink in, I feel better about it. Especially since Kylie is acting soooo much better. I know that if it was a issue at all, the doctor would let us know. They also took another urine sample to make sure she didn't have another UTI.
I took a few pics of her tonight because in the past few days, she has been turning completely over and hold her head up really good when she is on her belly. As you can see in the first picture she gets really mad when she is on her belly for longer than 2 minutes. She has also found her feet and LOVES them!! Can you tell?

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