Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blake's Best

There are many things in this world that Blake loves right now but I thought I would try to narrow it down to his top ten favorite. Because today was a very lazy Saturday, we were able to capture pictures of everything.

A little update for Blake:
You are getting so big!! You weigh around 28lbs and you have gotten so tall. You are very skinny but you eat like a horse. I think you ate more than me tonight for dinner! You are very active. There are few times you will sit still unless you are tired or you don't feel well. I also don't think you walk anywhere. You RUN at every opportunity possible, and you are very fast! Kylie loves to watch you run around the house like a crazy man.

So back to Blake's Best. Here they are in order with number one being his favorite. It was hard to distinguish between the top five because he pretty much loves them equally.

10. The Itsy-Bitsy Spider
Whenever we start singing this song, Blake will drop whatever he is doing and start doing the motions to the song. He tries to sing along but he doesn't vocalize his singing ability much :) He gets so excited at the end of the song so he screams and claps very loud.

9. Nutter Butter's and Milk
Blake loves his milk but even more with Nutter Butter's. He can eat an entire individual package of them in one sitting (that is if Jackson doesn't steal any).

8. Bed time
Blake loves to sleep and he has since he was born. He has slept through the night since he was a month old and now even gets excited when we ask him if he's ready for bed. He will run to his bedroom and wait for us to put him in his crib. He also loves his blanket with the satin on the edges.

7. Bananas
Blake would eat bananas after each meal if we gave him one. The only catch is he wants to hold the banana himself so the best way to keep the furniture banana free is to sit him in his high chair and let him go.

6. 'Your Baby Can Read' Cards
We ordered this system when Blake was almost one and he has always loved the videos and the flash cards. He will sit and look at them over and over.

5. Legos
Blake got his first set of Legos for Christmas this past year and he LOVES them! Again this is a toy that he can sit and play for hours with and not get tired of them. I know this is his favorite toy because they are the first thing he goes to in the morning when he gets up.

4. Jackson
Blake loves Jackson to death. Blake doesn't say a lot of words but he can sure say Jackson!

3. Go Dogs Go!
Blake got this book from Grammy and Grandpa for Christmas 2008 and has loved it ever since. This is his 'go to' book when he wants to actually sit down for a minute for us to read to him. I think he knows every word in the book. He will start to say 'stop' when we get to that page in the book. I know I can recite it from memory at any time!

2. Shrek
Aaron and I know every word to Shrek 1, 2 & 3 from watching it so many times. I know of at least one time we watched Shrek 1 three times in one day. Each time he watches it, he sits there like it is the first time he has seen it. Pretty much nothing can distract him. (Kylie is starting to love it just as much!) I'm excited because Shrek 4 is coming out in April!

1. Mommy, Daddy & Kylie
Of course we would by number one for Blake. He loves Kylie so much. For the most part he is gentle with her but there are times when she is laying on the floor and he tries to roll on top of her. He loves to give mommy, daddy and Kylie kisses all of the time.

This was probably one of my favorite posts to do because Blake was so cute today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!