Monday, March 8, 2010

Girls Weekend

This past weekend I went to a Bachelorette Party for one of my good friends from college, Katie. I have been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time because I needed to escape from 'mommy-mode' just for one night. Aaron would be at home with the kids with the much appreciated help from his parents.

The weekend started off with a trip to a wonderful spa in Nashville. I got an Indian Head Message (scalp message) and it was WONDERFUL! I could have laid there for two more hours but I guess 40 minutes was enough. After everyone finished up at the spa, we went to a sports bar to eat lunch and try to watch the UL game. Much to our surprise, they wouldn't even turn one TV over to the UL/Syracuse game since Vandy was on. Even though I am an IU/UK fan, I wanted to watch the UL game since they were playing the #1 seed and it was the last game in Freedom Hall....AND UL won!!! Great way to end the era at the stadium. The highlight of lunch was when we saw Barry Williams, otherwise know as Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch!! He was on his way out and I think everyone at my table thought I was crazy when I told them. I always get excited to see celebrities, even if they were celebrities 35 years ago.

After lunch, we headed to the hotel. We stayed at Union Station and it was amazing!! It use to be an old train station and it was absolutely beautiful. Seth did a great job picking out the place! The lobby was gorgeous and the rooms were very nice too. I would recommend to anyone going to Nashville for a weekend.

We hung out at the hotel and started getting ready to go out for the night but first we had a personal shower for Ms. Knight. I thought this was the best part of the night. We are getting older so it wasn't very wild. We sat around and before Katie opened each present, the person giving the gift told a story or shared something about Katie. This brought back so many memories of college and made me miss those days so badly. When people ask me if I would ever go back to those times, I really don't think I would do anything different because I believe everything happens for a reason. I made wonderful lifetime friends and my wonderful husband and I wouldn't trade those for anything.

After the shower we went out to dinner at Cabana and it was amazing. We had our own private cabana with a TV and an IPod hookup. The food was amazing and I think everyone had a great time! After dinner we went to Broadway where all of the bars are and our first stop was Decades. As you can guess, they played a lot of 90's music which brought me back to high school and I think all of us knew every word to every song played. It was so much fun! We stopped at a few more places and then headed home, stopping at a hot dog stand on the way. By the time we got back, ate more food left from the shower and told stories, it was 2:30 am (3:30 my time) and I was exhausted! I can't remember the last time I was up at that time when I wasn't feeding a baby.

I think everyone had a great time (with the exception of one getting a stomach bug) and I can't wait for the next friend to get married so we can do this again. I miss you girls so much!!!

Bachelorette Katie with BFF Seth

The whole crew

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