Monday, July 26, 2010

What A Week!

Last week/weekend was crazy! It all started Wednesday night and continued until Sunday night. I am still tired, but I wouldn't trade any of it.

Wednesday my mom, sister, the kids and I went to dinner with Vicki and Meg. Meg is Kristin's best friend from high school and Vicki is her mom. We try to meet up around every month and have dinner. We had great food and great company!

Thursday night Kylie and I went to dinner with my high school besties. There are 8 of us who try to get together every month or so and we have a blast. Kylie didn't have her best night because she was so tired. Next time, I will be child-free! We ate at Kobe and that is always an awesome experience. Yummy!

Friday night Aaron and I dropped the kids off at mom and dad's and headed to the River (Ohio River) to meet up with 3 other couples from high school. It was the other girls and their hubbies who planned our high school reunion and we were celebrating that all of the planning was over (at least until another 10 years)!

We cooked out then went to a little bar across the street for Karaoke night! SO. MUCH. FUN. I had not been karaoking since college and it was a blast. Aaron even got up there! Here are some pictures from the night.

(It was 95 degrees that night so pay no attention to the lovely hair and sweatiness)

Saturday night we had a going-away party for one of my besties from college. We had a nice dinner and great conversations. I forgot to take pictures until after Brittany left so I didn't get a girls picture :(  I will miss Ashley so much when she moves to Nashville! We have had many lunch dates over the last few years and I will miss her being so close!

Sunday my MIL and I threw a baby shower for one of Aaron's best friends from high school and his wife. They are having a baby boy in a couple of weeks and we can't wait to meet him! I created one of my diaper cakes for the event and I think it turned out cute! I also ordered some embroidered burp clothes for 'Jack' which turned out adorable. I got them from Sew Many Blessings Embroidery if you are interested, very cute stuff! Here are some pictures from the shower.

I will leave you with this cutie patootie...

Have a great week!

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