Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Swinging & Swimming

It's been awhile since I've blogged. So here is what is going on at the Thacker House -

School is just about to kill me. It's only 6 weeks (13 classes) so it's pretty intense. I just had my first test this past Tuesday and I really don't want to know how I did. I have case readings that I have to do before each class, so either I have to do work almost every night, or all on the weekend. I'm stressed just thinking about it!

The kiddo's still LOVE to swing on the swingset. I think Blake could actually sleep in his swing - which he almost did this past weekend. And he still throws a fit when he has to come inside. Unless, however, there is food waiting for him inside. He has started to like the slide too!

Here are some pictures of them swinging. Such happy babies!

Blake has also loved playing with his new Tball set he got for his birthday.

Memorial Weekend was so nice. I wish every weekend was three days! It was the first time the kids were able to get into Nana and Papa's pool. Blake is still pretty unsure about it. I really hope he starts to enjoy it! Kylie loved being in the pool. Especially in the baby pool we got her. Blake also got to enjoy some time with his girlfriend Ellie. They had a nice outside dinner together.

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