Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This year I finally started a garden. It is a pretty small garden, but just big enough for me. I planted tomatoes, peppers, garden beans, and watermelon that I grew from seeds. You can read here on how I started them. I also planted some zucchini plants.

I haven't had to water them much because of the location in my backyard, and we have had enough rain....thank goodness because I usually forget to water them.

I decided last night to go out and check on them since it had been awhile since I really looked at them. I walked out and saw this -

The huge plants on the right are the zucchini plants. They completely took over my 4x4 garden box! The taller plants on the left are my tomatoes plants and they are also doing very well.

So I made my way down to the garden to see if I had any veggies and I was so excited to see these -

(I put Kylie's paci beside them for comparison)

Here is a picture of how my tomatoes plants are doing, too-

I was so excited to see these! There is just something about growing my own veggies that makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Now I know how each of the plants grow, I will plant them differently next year. I am hoping to put another raised garden bed right beside the current one for twice the room.

We also took the kids out to swing tonight so here are a few pictures of their swing time. Blake still LOVES it. He also wanted to go down the slide and after the first time, he walked up the slide to slide down again, and again and again. He was so excited when he did it!

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