Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Life and a Party!

This past week has been a crazy one. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great week, but busy and eventful.
I want to remember how busy and crazy our lives are 10 years down the road so I am going to walk through a normal week in the Thacker house.

Monday – Usually no set schedule. I try to leave for work at 7ish and Aaron leaves at 7:15 to take both kids to daycare (this is typical during the week). I get off around 4ish and run any quick errands then pick up Kylie by 5:30 and Blake by 6.

Tuesday – Aaron has class from 6-8:45 pm so I am on my own for the night. I usually pick up the kids and head home to fix a quick dinner and play with them outside if the weather permits – hopefully we can be outside more often now that it is getting warmer (with the exception of the April showers).

Wednesday – I have class from 6-8:45 pm so I usually don’t get to see the kids in the evening L Aaron usually picks them up and grabs something to go for dinner for them. I get home around 9:15 from class and get to catch up with Aaron, unless he is doing homework.

Thursday – Same as Tuesday – Aaron has class from 6-8:45pm so the kids and I are on our own.

Friday – No set schedule unless we are going out of town. Aaron works later and gets home around 6:30pm but we usually stay home and hang out as a family.

Saturday and Sunday – Aaron and I usually have to take turns doing homework unless our parents take the kids or come over to watch them. This past weekend both of our parents (and Grandmom) came to watch the kids so we could work on papers that are due this week. Thank goodness!! We usually have other stuff going on as well like Birthday parties, baby showers, guests from out of town, etc. I LOVE Saturdays because I know I still have Sunday to hang out with the family and catch up on things.

So there you go. A normal week for us. Can you see why I cannot wait for us to be done with school!? We hardly have any time together as a family of four. I know I need to take advantage of every second I have with my babies because I know they won’t be this little for long.

This past week was a typical week for us (like above). On Saturday my niece Katie had her 3rd Birthday Party so we went to Kristin and Jeremy’s for her party. It was a princess party so Kylie wore Katie’s Snow White dress. She looked so old in it. I cannot believe that Katie is 3!! Happy Birthday Pretty Princess!!

Saturday was also Thunder Over Louisville which I will not brave with the kids until they are at least 6 or 7 years old. I think they will be scared to death if I took them down there now! At least it was pretty to watch on TV. Blake enjoyed watching them with a Capri Sun tonight.

Going to Katie’ party reminded me that I need to get on the ball for Blake’s birthday, too. I CANNOT believe I am going to have a 3 year old! Has it really been 3 years?!? This year the theme will be……..CARS! It was really a toss-up between Cars and Toy Store because he is really starting to like Toy Story. But since he has loved Cars for so long, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with Lightening McQueen.

I am so excited because we decided that we wanted to go ahead and make the investment of a bouncy house for the kids’ birthday parties. We thought it would end up saving us money in the long run if we don’t have to rent one or go to an actual bouncy house facility. I think the kids will love it!!

This week one of my best friends Amanda will be having her baby! I cannot wait to meet the little guy. I know her and her husband are very anxious to meet him too!

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