Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A birthday, a surprise and a couple of water guppies

We had a great weekend. I think Blake set a record for how many times he jumped in the pool. We all got together Friday for dinner with Jonkey and Laura since they were in town and of course we went to our regular place - Puerto Vallarta. We love mexican food and they have a big room in the back so it is nice when there are 10-14 adults and 4 kids running around. The food comes out fast too which is nice with the kids :)

The reason for the celebration this time is Jonkey's birthday! The big 2-8. His birthday was on Saturday so everyone was over to mom and dad's to swim and we had a cookout. The weather was perfect - very hot and no clouds. Dad also got to come home for the weekend which was an awesome surprise! Here are some pictures from the weekend and the fun we had.

Kenny Rogers....I mean dad and papa Clay :) 

Austin was doing the motions to a song here and he was so cute! 

Nice picture birthday boy :) 

Aunt Kristin got pushed in by the birthday boy. She couldn't be mad since it was the birthday boy :)

Nothing better than a nice movie to end the night.  

Happy Birthday, Jonkey! We hope you had a great day!

On another note, we had a play date with Macyn on Monday and I got a shot of the girls cooking for us. They were cracking up at something here.

And I had to include this cute shot from tonight from the cutest little boy. Mommy had a day off because there was a water main break in downtown Louisville so our office was closed. What a great surprise this morning! 

Have a great week!

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  1. gah. I could just snatch up your kiddos. They get cuter by the day KK. Also I think since I can't be in the Hall family, I might want to move somewhere closer so I can be invited to your family gatherings. Your parents' pool/yard is amazing. I wanna come play!