Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Traditions

I love starting new Christmas traditions with the kids. Now that they are older, it seems we all enjoy them even more. This past week we participated in three of our Christmas traditions – two that we have previously done and one new one.
On Thursday, we visited my mom’s work at Norton Audubon Hospital where they had “Light-Up Audubon.” It was the kids’ first time visiting Santa this year so they were VERY excited. However Kylie was upset because she didn’t understand why Santa didn’t give her what she asked for. I had to explain to her again that the visit was to just let Santa knows what she wants and if she was a good girl he would bring it on Christmas morning. I still don’t think she gets it. This year she has asked for fingernail polish and a guinea pet (Zhu Zhu pet). Blake told Santa that he wants trains and Batman.

On Friday my mom, sister, niece, Kylie and I went to the Nutcracker. We took the girls for the first time last year and they loved it. They seemed to love it this year as well but next I will be sure to bring plenty of snacks since Kylie always seems to be hungry right after we eat dinner. Nana bought the girls a pretty dress to wear to the play so they loved to get dressed up.

On Saturday we headed north to the Polar Express in French Lick, Indiana. If you have never heard of it and live around it, I HIGHLY recommend it. The kids LOVED it and the entire experience was great. We stayed in the indoor water park across the street from the train station so the kids got to play in the water all day Saturday then we headed to the train ride later that night. Blake and Kylie have watched the Polar Express movie 75 times (no exaggeration) since last Christmas so they kind of knew what to expect with the train ride – the ticket punch, elves, hot chocolate, Santa, singing, dancing. We all had a great time. We are already planning our trip for next year since tickets sell out almost a year in advance (we bought our tickets last December).

We also stayed at an indoor water park called Big Splash. The kids got to play most of the day Saturday before we headed to the Polar Express so by the end of the night, they were completely exhausted. The water park was great and it never got too crowded. The kids really enjoyed it.

Of course we also have a special Elf that comes to our house every night for the second year in a row. His name is Elfie and the kids are so excited to see him and what he has done every morning. Elfie will have his own 2 part post very soon. He is so mischievous!

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