Monday, January 14, 2013

Cookies for Santa and Cupcakes for Jesus - Part Two

Our final Christmas celebrations was on Christmas Eve at my parents house and of course Christmas day at our house. Now that the kids are older, memories we make are even more special because they retain so much and understand more than they did last year.

The four amigos

The three boys in plaid. They were so cute!

That night when we got home from the final celebration, the kids threw reindeer food out. Blake was so excited! We had to wake Kylie up from the drive home so she was a little sleepy.

Then they put out the milk and cookies for Santa and then went to bed.

And then Santa came! They must have been really good this year!

Blake's pile...

Kylie's pile....

Kylie's first reaction to her new stuff...

She kept picking things up and putting them on her lap while stating "I can have this, and this..."

We had to wake Blake up and this was his first reaction. It was pretty funny because I think he was shocked.

He was mostly shocked with his new train table!

Kylie doing facetime with Austin and Katie showing them what she got. She was so excited to tell them what Santa brought!
And lastly, a couple of weeks ago we were talking about our family birthday's in November and December and as I was going through them with the kids, when December came around, I mentioned that it was Jesus' birthday on the day after Santa comes. The first thing that Kylie said was "Can we have cupcakes for his birthday?" And of course I said yes. So this picture is Kylie singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to celebrate his birthday with cupcakes and this is something we will be doing every year!
So that concludes our Christmas celebrations this year. We had a great couple of weeks worth of celebrations that went by way too quick and I cannot wait until next year!

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