Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Hiatus

Well here I go again...another short hiatus from blogging. Life has yet to slow down these past few weeks. School is still in full force. I do have to brag about my A on my finance test. I studied almost 7 hours for it so I think it paid off. My other class doesn't have test but a lot of work outside of class. After next week we will be half way through the semester!!
Last weekend my girlfriends and I had a nice weekend away. We headed to Nashville on Friday after work to celebrate all of us turning 30 this year. It was so great to spend time with my girls who mean so much to me but I don't get to see a lot of. We all went to school together since we were in middle school so we are a pretty close group. You never realize how much you miss people until you spend some time with them. We had a great weekend but we can all tell that we are getting older!
On the 12th, we went out to eat for Aaron's birthday. I am such a slacker because I normally post on the day of someone's birthday, at least a picture. I actually went to eat with the family and then went to class from 7:30-9:30 so I kind of have an excuse :) We celebrated again this past weekend and some family came over for pizza (Aaron's fav) and Saturday we played poker until 2am. Kristin, Jeremy, Jonathan, Aaron, and I played and I think Jonathan came out the big winner for the night!
My grandmother, who I have talked about just recently, is doing better. Her memory will never be the same but she is starting to eat more and getting a little more strength each day. She recently moved to a different place so I know it will be so much better for her. We can already tell a huge difference in her.

We are also still battling Strep in this house. Kylie had it first and then Blake. Kylie had a temperature yesterday and was up all night so we took her back to the doctor today and she still has it!! Uggg! I am just afraid at this rate that she is a carrier or even worse will have to get her tonsils out :( Hopefully her new medicine will make her better very soon and hopefully Blake won't get it again! Grandpa Roger has been a lifesaver and has kept them this whole time they have been sick. Thank you, PopPop!!
I also was one of the lucky ones who got the new iPhone 4s on Friday! I was due for an upgrade so I decided to go for it. I LOVE it...especially the camera on it. Some of the pictures below are from the phone and you can't even tell. A-Mazing!

This weekend we also discovered a new song that Kylie and Blake sing at school. Kylie was humming a song that I thought sounded familiar and I finally realized what it was. Baby Bumble Bee! I loved that song when I was little! So with my new phone, I used the video to get her singing it. Remember with the iPhone 4 there is a camera on the front of the phone so you can see yourself and you can tell she is watching herself sing. So cute! You can ignore my awful singing :) Be sure to mute my playlist so you can hear her cute little voice. At this rate I think she is going to be a professional singer!!

I captured this picture this morning. Kylie and Daddy were sleeping the same way and I thought it was so cute!

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