Thursday, November 17, 2011


These past few weeks have flow by and it's been a while since I have blogged about our doings. Life has been crazy as usual but at least I am a couple weeks closer to being completed with this semester of school. Feels so good to say that!

So about about last couple of weeks, not much has been going on but things have been nonstop. Two weekends ago I had a baby shower and a wedding on Saturday. It was a busy day but a good one. I got to see so many wonderful friends at the baby shower and for some reason I walked in a started crying because I was so happy to see everyone. I miss them all so much and I hate that we all don't live in the dorms at Georgetown anymore. Wait....maybe I am glad that we don't there on campus but I still wish we all lived close. Baby showers and wedding showers bring us all back together now.

Here is a picture of me and my girlfriends at the baby shower. I love and miss them all!!

This cute little guy is my friend Amanda's little man. He is so adorable! I got to have lunch with him and his mommy this week which

That Sunday one of my wonderful, talented friend Catherine took the kids' pictures. The kids did better than I thought they would but I was still sweating when we got done. It is so hard to get 2 kids under 3 to sit still and smile long enough to get a picture! Here is a sneak peek at some of the pics. I love them all!!

Are they great! Kylie has such a cute smile and I know that it's in there. Maybe next time we can get that pretty smile like this picture -

This past weekend Aaron and I had a little getaway to Lexington while Grandmom and Roger watched the kids. It was so nice to get away, but not too far away. On Friday night we went to the UK basketball game and had a blast. On Saturday we went to a concert at a small local place and it was so much fun!

This week we tried a new local sandwich shop and it was pretty good. The kids liked that it also is an ice cream shoppe so we all had ice cream afterwards. Yummy! I got some cute pictures with my phone of the night.

I do need to brag a minute about myself. For each test I have for school I always end up studying 5-8 hours at least. Well I had a test a week or so ago and I go a 96% on finance....I hate finance so I was pumped! And glad it's over, but I have one more for that class and then I am done with that class. We did get some crappy news today at work. My department was recently moved under a different director which is a good move and great opportunity. However that new area is on the complete opposite side of town....and we are moving in 30-45 days :( So on top of one of the bridges closing I will have an extra 20-25 mins to get to work (if you don't live around here all of the bridges connect Louisville and Southern Indiana where I live). Getting to work is not even the worse of it. Getting home will be the bigger pain. Folks I know that are currently out at the new office say that some days it takes them 2 hours to get home! OMG!!!

I am really hoping when class is over on Dec. 12th that I keep up my blog better than I have been. Every night I am either in class or doing homework or a paper for class. Sorry for the long post. Sometimes I get long-winded :)

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  1. Can we live in the dorms for like a week?? That would be fun.
    Love the pics, love the bangs too!!
    2 hours?? Well it could be some good "me time". You could listen to lots of good books on cd! I am sad I missed the shower, I would love to see you soon.