Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blake Update

I haven't given an update on Blake lately so I wanted give one. Since he received tubes in September he has been doing awesome! Just within a month, I have seen a major improvements with his speech and the number of words he uses. It's so sad but there are times he looks at me like he can actually hear me when he didn't before! Even his speech therapists said this.

So with this being said, Blake needs your prayers! I am going to start working with him really hard in the evening with his words. Someone once told me that it will just 'click' with him and he will take off.....so pray that this happens. I know it is so hard for him to communicate with us to tell us what he is feeling or wanting. It is also very hard for Aaron and I to know what he needs/wants. We have to guess and hope it is the right thing. Sometimes he can tell us if we are right and other times he lets us know that we got it wrong :)

Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Hey KK! Glad the tubes are helping. I will be praying!

  2. I can't wait to hear him say all kinds of words.
    Hey- where did you get those jammies?