Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kylie Rose!

Happy Birthday, Kylie Rose!

Today is Kylie's 2nd Birthday! It doesn't seem like it has been two years. She is such a little diva but the sweetest little girl.
Here are some interesting things about Kylie right now. I will be doing another post on all of her favorite things so this is just a brief summary.
- You love you big brother. Anytime he does something, you have to be right behind him and do it as well. Monkey See, Monkey Do.
- Even though you love to wrestle with your brother, you are a little diva. You even shake your butt when you run!
- You are very attached to one of your babies, your blankie and your paci (yes you still love your paci). You must have all three of them when you go to bed at night or when you don't feel well.
- You are talking so good. Your favorite thing to do is sing and some of your favorite songs are Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, ABC Song, and You Are My Sunshine. See video below for proof!
- You love to dance. Whenever you hear music, you start to shake your little butt.
- We go in a couple of weeks for your yearly check-up but here are some of your stats that I know:
- You weigh around 33 lbs
- You wear a size 5 diaper
- You are wearing 3T and some 2T clothes
- You wear a size 7 shoe
- You loved swimming in Nana and Papa's pool this summer.
- You recently started at the same daycare as Blake and you love it.
- You go to bed around 8-8:30 and sleep until 7ish.
- You love all kids of foods but some of your favorites include: grilled chicken, rice, beans (funny that these are the key ingredients used at Qdoba), crackers, milk, apple juice, any kind of pasta and anything that mommy and daddy are eating.

- Everyone says that you look just like me. I will take that as a compliment.

Here are some pictures of when Kylie was born. I love looking at them and remembering how little she was! She actually wasn't too little since she weighed 10lbs when she was born!

This was Kylie last year on her birthday.

This was Kylie this morning before daddy took her to daycare. We sang happy birthday with two candles in her sausage biscuit which she loved.

And we had a birthday celebration dinner at Chuck E Cheese tonight and here are a few pictures from the night.

Lastly, here is a video of the kids one night this week. Beware I also sing a bit with the kids. There is also a brief fight fight because Blake wants to sing it my himself. Love these kids! (Be sure to mute my playlist below to hear the kids sing)


  1. Such a doll!

    We picked the color from Home Depot, it was called green tea. We had someone else match the color, so I am assuming it would be the same if you went anywhere. I love the green!