Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday and The Zoo!

Busy is an understatement when describing these past few weeks. It has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. School is almost over so these past few weeks have been super busy for me on top of juggling everything else. I have two more papers and one more presentation and I will be done until June 26 and that is when it gets really intense. However that class, which is the capstone class to the program, is only six weeks so I can do anything for six weeks, right? Especially since two days after I finish we are leaving for our cruise! CAN.NOT.WAIT!

I have missed updating the blog with a lot of things this month. First of all, it was my niece’s 4th birthday on the 21st! I cannot believe she is 4! This is her the day before her birthday at school in her pretty birthday dress. I think she looks so much like my sister in this picture!

This month we also took a trip to the zoo. Katie went with us because school was closed for the day due to Good Friday. We had a really good time! Here is a picture collage from our day.

There have been many more happenings this month but I want to break them up into separate posts.

To end this post, I want to ask anyone who reads my blog to please pray for my grandfather as well as someone else who I want to keep private. My grandfather fell last week and luckily he didn't break any bones but he is still pretty sore. Someone has to be with him at all times so please pray that he regains his strength soon. For my other prayer request please play that they regain strength and get well soon.

Have a great remainder of the week!

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