Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meeting Cousin John

A few weekends ago the kids got to meet their cousin John for the first time. Unfortunately I was not able to make the trip because I had a presentation and a paper I needed to work on for school. Below are some of the pictures from the day. I knew Kylie would be excited to meet him because she is such a little momma and loves taking care of her little baby dolls.

Grandpa Roger, Kylie, Blake and Aunt Wilhelma

Grandmom reading a book to the kids as they wait for John to get there.

This is my favorite picture of the ones Aaron took. Kylie looks so sweet and Blake looks so excited!

They said that Kylie was facinated with is toes.

And of course of picture of Grandpa and his three grandbabies.

I know Grammy was watching from Heaven and smiling with her big, beautiful smile. She loved Blake and Kylie so much and I know she would be crazy about John.

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