Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Travels

Please excuse my absence, Aaron and I have been traveling the world! Well at least the East coast :)

This is your warning, this post will be long with many pictures :)

We (Aaron and I) left early Saturday morning on August 14th and headed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It took us a little over 10 hours to get there and we were very happen to arrive. Neither of us had been to Philly before, so we wanted to include this stop in our travels to NYC.

Our hotel was fabulous and what made it even better, we had a handicap room so there was extra room!

When we walk into the hotel to check-in, this is the first thing I see. Yes, it is a girl's dream! However I didn't buy anything (at least this time!).

We met up with one of my friends from high school, Bethany, and had an awesome Philly Cheese Steak and some drinks. The next day, we did all of the things tourists would do in Philly - the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, a boat tour, and much walking. I have never been a real 'history buff', but seeing everything about our nation's history really intrigued me. Here are a few pics of day:

I have to include this picture of Kylie when we were Skyping the second night in Philly. So Cute!

On Monday morning, we headed to New York City and started our week-long adventure. It was a great week and Aaron and I had a wonderful time. Our camera started getting an error on the way into NY so we only had a back-up (my mom's small camera) for a day after that since we didn't have a charger. We took many pictures with our phones so they aren't the best :( Oh well! We will have to go back! Here are the pictures from our adventures:

This was our room. Very small and cozy!

Saw this show and it was amazing

Had a couple of these

Went to a game here (and these were our seats - AWESOME!)

Picture of Aaron's cousin Susan and us at the game

Saw this lovely lady

Went to see the Cake Boss, but only got a picture since there was a two hour wait to get in :(

Had a couple of slices of this

Got a picture of Aaron next to NYSE

Went to see the place where two building once stood. It was really sad :(

View from the top of the Empire State Building

Times Square view at was so crowded, bright, crazy at 11pm at night!

We had a fabulous time and I would definitely go again. However I am SO happy to be home with my babies. I missed them so much! I am NOT looking forward to work tomorrow nor am I excited about my first class for the semester which also happens to be tomorrow. Oh well!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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  1. Perfect Post!! I love it.
    Remember us if you need traveling buddies! We are good at it! :)
    Looks like you all had a much needed good time away!