Wednesday, December 8, 2010

School's Out, Birthday, Creative me, Ponytail

I am finally done with class! I am so excited beyond words right now because all I have to focus is the babies. I can finally work on my Christmas Cards and finish up the last few on my list. Aaron also got finished tonight with his classes so we can finally have family least until January 10th when classes start.

Because I have been so overwhelmed with school lately, I completely forgot to post about my brothers birthday! My baby brother Brad is 23! Happy Birthday Brad!! We will celebrate tomorrow after you last final! We love you!

This weekend, I took as small break from my research project and went out to get the supplies to make my own Christmas wreath. I have gotten a real wreath the past few years but I couldn't find one that I loved so I thought I would make my own. A few of my friends made their own and I thought I would give it a shot. So here it is! I thought it turned out good! The picture quality is not the best because it is with my phone. I may tweak it a bit now that I have time but my first shot was pretty good!

Tonight I was playing with Kylie's hair and I noticed it was starting to get pretty long so I thought I would try to put it in a ponytail and this is what I got:

This little man needs a haircut!

Classic picture of the kiddos. Blake with a car in his mouth and Kylie with a paci and baseballs.

On another note, on a blog I follow, Stafford Stories, Melissa talks about a project she is starting at the beginning of the year and I believe may join her. It is called 'One Frame a Day' and I think it is a wonderful idea! Today I do year books for each of the kids which consists of pictures of them throughout the year. This project is very similar, but it's doing the book as a family, which is the thought I love. You can read more about it here which is where she got the idea. The idea is that you take a picture of your family and life in general and make a comment about the picture. It is then uploaded to a blog/site and then at the end of the year, printed out as a picture book. I am getting I have asked Santa for a small camera I can keep in my purse so taking the daily picture will not be as big of a challenge. I know there will be many days I will miss taking a picture because of our busy, crazy schedules, but I am sure I will capture many great moments for us to cherish forever. Isn't it a great idea! We'll see!

Well I better get off here to go and fold the laundry :) We are watching Sing-Off and it is A-Mazing. I love these shows! We will be watching the Cats play in about 5 minutes.

Have a great week/weekend!

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