Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Recap & 2012 Goals

It has taken me more than a week to write this post. I kept thinking about the two women I lost in my life in 2011 and I couldn't think of anything else. This year has been one of the toughest years for our family. If you read my blog you could use it as a recap of our life, but here are a few of the happenings from this past year:

- Blake turned 3, Kylie turned 2 and Aaron and I both turned 30 (wow that sounds old).

- Blake started Pre-School which includes speech therapy sesssions. This has helped his speech SO  much this past year!

- Aaron completed his Master's in August and I completed 12 hours of my Master's throughout the year.

- Many of my friends welcomed babies in 2011 including Amanda, Sarah, Abby (twins), Megan, and Emily.

- Aaron's brother Nathan and his wife Emma broke the news that they were expecting in April 2012.

- In 2011 two amazing women from my life passed away which took a toll on our family. Aaron's mother passed away in August and my grandmother passed away in December.
Overall 2011 was hard on myself as well as many others in my family. I am hoping that 2012 will be a happy year and bring our family closer than we are today.

As for 2012, there are so many things that I am looking forward to in the new year. It it nice to be through the holidays and off to a new start. Below are some of the things I am looking forward in 2012 as well as some of my goals for the year:

- Becoming an Aunt again in April to baby boy Thacker! (son of Emma and Nathan).

- Finishing my Master's in August (only 9 more credit hours).

- Completing a few DIY projects around the house.

I am also looking forward to the weddings in 2012:
- My cousin Amy is getting married in July
- My good friend Lindsey is getting married in July

So many of my friends are having babies in 2012!
- Ashley (May), Jennifer (April), Katie (February), and all of my other friends who may not know yet :)

Goals for 2012:
- Find a 'home' church and start attending every week.

- Become a more bonded family - especially once I complete all of my classes and have more time to be at home every evening.

- And of course to lose weight before our family cruise in August.

I can't write a post without including one picture of the kiddos :) Took this during Saturday morning cartoons:

Happy New Year!


  1. Ive started this same post at leasr 10 times. I have not blogged about Cmas yet. So I think I'm just going to skip it...not sure.
    Love that I made your list!! :)
    Good luck with your goals. How is potty training going? Hope to see you in person soon!!! Can I go on your family cruise? Would I pass for a Hall?

  2. stop it! that pic is SO cute! and you are one awesome Momma! you have SO much going on and you are still #1 to your precious kiddos. remember that always! {i think i need to say that to myself too!}