Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Christmas - 2011 (part 2)

I knew Christmas day would be great this year. The kids are starting to understand a little more about Santa and what happens on Christmas morning. We talked Santa up to them before we went to see Santa a few weeks ago and they did so well with not being scared. I was really surprised, but very excited. I may have went a little overboard this year because I started shopping in October and by the time December came around, I has stashed away a lot of things that I had forgotten about.

To get ready for Santa, we made cookies the night before, sat them out for Santa, then sprinkled the reindeer food onto the lawn.

And then Christmas morning.....

I love Kylie's hair! They were both so surprised and excited when they walked out of their room! It was like I was a kid again!!

We also celebrated our Thacker Christmas at our house this year. I must have been so busy with the kids and their toys that I didn't get many pictures of all of us.

This Christmas was hard without Paula and I am kind of glad it is over. We had a great few days but just like every get together, there will always be a void.

We hope you and you families had a wonderful Christmas.

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