Monday, January 23, 2012

Lessons Learned!

So this past Friday I wanted to be the 'fun' mommy and take the kids to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and and have a little fun in the play center. Aaron had to work late so I knew it was going to be an adventure doing it all by myself. I explained to them that if they ate all of their food, we would go and play. They were so excited so I thought dinner would go smooth because of their excitement.

The ordering and eating process wasn't too bad. They had a hard time staying seated in the booth but overall, they did good. We did have to take one trip to the bathroom for Kylie and of course I took Blake along and then took one last trip to the potty after they were done eating before we went to play.

When they saw the play center they were so excited! Blake went down the slide like 10 times in 10 minutes so I knew he loved it. Well on the 11th trip down the slip, he came out saying "mommy I peed". I proceeded to tell him that it was ok since he had a diaper on - until he turned around and the entire back of his pants were wet. OMG! I then realized that I didn't bring in his backpack because I thought he would be good to go with the diaper he had on. Little did I know at the time that someone at daycare somehow put his diaper on backwards. REALLY! It is harder to put a diaper on backwards than on the right way. So that is where the leakage came from.

So after I told Blake to get his shoes and jacket on so we could go to the car and change clothes, Kylie was at the top of the play center so I went over to tell her to come down the slide so we could go and change bubby's pants. She was hesitant and kind of distracted so I went back to Blake to help him put on his shoes and jacket. I then went back to Kylie who was in the same position that I left her in 2 minutes earlier and something wasn't right. I then realized she was holding on to the netting and grunting....YES - SHE WAS POOPING! Really?!?  I then proceeded to climb up the play center to get her and carry her down and she started crying because she pooped. She also didn't want to leave because she was having so much fun but I told her that we would come back (ok, a little white lie).

So finally Blake had his shoes on but refused to put his jacket on. I finally got Kylie's shoes and jacket on and I dragged two crying kids out of Chick-Fil-A by myself. I put them in their cars seats and we went straight home where they went straight in the tub.

I learned my lesson that night....ALWAYS make sure your child's diaper is on the correct way before going into a play center and ALWAYS put a pull-up on a child who is in the middle of potty training before entering the play center. LESSON LEARNED!

I did get a couple of pictures from my phone -


  1. I needed a laugh this morning! (sorry it was at your expense though) Keep up the good work Super Mom!

  2. cracking me up. (sorry)
    Poor momma. I thought taking 3 was bad, but two of mine are still contaied in carseats! I think I will be in for it very soon. Hope the potty training goes better today.