Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catch-Up & Potty Training

I never know how long its been since I wrote my last blog post until I get on the computer to do my weekly upload of my One Frame a Day pictures and look at the date on this blog of my last update. I feel bad that I don't update this as often as I would like to and for anyone who reads this blog, I promise I will do better :) You can always review that blog (One Frame a Day) to see the daily (or almost daily) pictures of our life. The link can also be found on the left side of my blog.

Some of the happenings at the Thacker home in the past few weeks includes:

- Nana's birthday
- Grandmom's birthday
- School started back for me
- Potty training is in full force - at least for Kylie

Just to name a few. Potty training is the biggest thing in the house right now. Kylie is doing so good! Today she had big girl panties on all day with no accidents at all! Blake, on the other hand, doesn't care one bit. I have tried EVERYTHING and he doesn't care at all. Bribery does not work with him and potty training. If anyone had any suggestions at all, please email me or leave a comment! I am open for ANYTHING!

On a different note, this spring is going to be so busy. I am throwing a shower for my sister-in-law in February, a baby shower for one of my best friends in March, Spring class end in April, my brother graduates from Law School and Blake celebrates his 4th birthday (oh my!) in May. I love being busy but I cannot wait until the summer!

Here are a few pictures of the last few weeks. Most of them can be found on the other blog as well.

Kylie and Katie love to dress up together!

Kylie showing off her new growth chart 

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  1. YAY KYLIE!! Glad to hear at least one of them may be out of diapers soon. Don't you hate buying them? ugh. I wish I had some hints for Blake, but it sounds like you have tried it all! Good luck. Hope to see you SOON.