Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am torn......

This Friday in the NCAA tournament, the team I grew up loving and the team Aaron grew up loving are playing each other - Indiana University and The University of Kentucky, respectively. Because we are HUGE basketball fans, this is a big deal for our family. Now don't get me wrong, Aaron has gotten me to become a fan of Kentucky and they are a really good team this year. Indiana has really turned it around this year too. The last time they were in the Sweet 16 was 10 years ago. One top of it all, Kentucky has been ranked #1 for most of the season and one of their only two losses of the year was to Indiana.

So because of this, I will not be telling ANYONE who I am rooting for this Friday. If I say UK, my brother and family will hate me forever. If I say IU, my husband may never speak to me again (just kidding here, but he may not talk to me until the game is over).

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