Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Resolutions & Goals

I wanted to be accountable for my goals this year so what better way than to post about them! Here are a few things that I hope to accomplish this next year:
  • Lose weight (like every other year and many other people!) My goal is 40 lbs by August (My 30th Birthday!) To go along with this goal, I would love to make it a habit to start running on our treadmill.
  • Work hard in all of my classes that I am taking this year for my Masters. I will be taking 4 classes total this year.
  • Be a better wife and mother
  • Cook more homemade dinners (this one is hard because of class)
  • Find a 'home' church and start going on a regular basis
  • Continue to work hard and grow at work. I honestly love my job right now!
  • Potty train Blake...and possibly Kylie :)
  • Continue to document our life on this blog
There are many, many more I could put down but I won't bore you. On another note, I am pretty proud of myself for successfully completed the first five days of 'one frame a day'. You can follow it HERE if you like.

Happy Hump Day!

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