Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Changes

Changes are happening everywhere! A few little changes that have occurred lately in my life include my new blog makeover and my living room makeover. I am so excited that everything is finally done. I am a little obsessive compulsive about keeping my house clean so when it is out of order, I get anxious and nervous. So here is the final product! I think I may get new pillows to go with the blue/green combination. Our new couch and chair are AMAZING!

We also decided to keep the hallway and entryway walls beige because it complimented the blue really good. The blue walls are a little bit more blue than we wanted. We were going for a gray/bluish color and this is what we got. I still love it.

In other news, Blake went to the ENT on Monday for his check-up and hearing test. He was cooperative for the test (as good as any other 2 year old) and the doctor and audiologist were pleased with the improvements with his hearing test. While we were there, I had the doctor check him out because I thought he had a sinus infection and he does. So he has been on antibiotics since then and is feeling so much better.

Kylie started feeling bad on Friday so on Saturday morning, I called the doctor but they couldn't fit her in. She did, however, call her in some decongestant. It has helped so hopefully she will start to feel better soon. Here are some pictures from Saturday of the kids running around and Kylie dancing. She was so funny!

(This is my new favorite picture of my dancing queen!)

Have a wonderful week! I have a short week because I am taking off on Friday to prepare for a baby shower I am throwing on Saturday. I cannot wait to see all of my old college girlfriends!!

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  1. The living room looks great! Can't wait to see it in person. :)