Friday, April 9, 2010

Blake Thomas - 23 Months Old!

Blake turned 23 months old yesterday! I can't believe Blake is almost 2!!! I was looking at pictures yesterday for a project I am doing for the kids and he looks so different then he did as a baby. Here is a picture I love of him when he was a few months old and last year at his first birthday. I have also included a recent picture I took of him.

What a different a year makes! I can't wait for his birthday party. I am sure he can't either. He is having, of course, a Shrek party! I had to incorporate Shrek somehow because he LOVES him! We are also having it at my parent's house and they have a pool so it will be a pool party too. I would love to have someone dress up as Shrek and come to the party but I think he will FREAK OUT!!

Here are a few updates for Blake:
-You are such a good big brother! You love to make your sister laugh and you love to give her kisses.
-You love to eat everything! You love spaghetti, nutter butters, fruit, and chicken nuggets, but your favorite is bread! Daddy will give you a plain piece of bread and you would think he was giving you a million dollars!
-You LOVE being outside. You cry when it's time to come in at night. I can't wait to get your birthday present, because you will love it!
-You love when mommy and daddy sing to you. You also love to dance to the children's music CD.

I love you Blake!!

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  1. When is the party? We LOVE to swim...hint hint!