Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie!

This past weekend was my niece's birthday party. She is 2 years old! 17 days older than Blake. Wow it seems like yesterday she was born. She had the best birthday them - Hello Kitty! I use to love Hello Kitty! I actually found my Hello Kitty toothbrush the other day. I don't think I ever used it because I just wanted to keep it.

Katie was so interested in opening presents, then after the second present, she told my sister 'I'm done'. It was so cute. There were a few kiddos there so after cake and presents, we all went outside and played. Blake had a blast since he loves being outside! Every time we started to come in or we took him off the swing, he cried. He was also introduced to Austin's power wheels and he loved it! The pictures do it no justice.....he would have ridden it all night! The only problem was he didn't understand that he needed to steer. Haha! Maybe he will get one from Santa this Christmas :) Kylie was cute too. I think she is feeling much better since her surgery.

Happy 2nd Birthday Katie! Aunt KK loves you!

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