Saturday, April 24, 2010

How we met....

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I wanted to participate in Kelly's Korner - Show Us Your Life this week since I have never posted about Aaron and I before. So here it goes.

Aaron and I grew up 90 minutes away from each other, only to meet 21 years later. We had very similar childhoods and were very blessed in many ways. We both played sports our whole lives and were always busy playing one thing or another.

I decided to go to Georgetown College to play basketball mainly because my sister played there. I almost went to another college to play, but I think I would have missed my sister too much. Aaron almost went to a different college to play football and baseball, but decided to stay closer to home. Thank goodness we both made good decisions to go to GC!

Aaron and met our Junior year in college. I had seen him around campus a few times, but our paths had yet to cross. Georgetown College is a very small college, so it seemed inevitable that we would eventually meet. I was a Kappa Delta and he a Kappa Alpha, and our sorority and fraternity houses were right next to each other. We also had the same major and minor, but had not yet had a class together.

Before classes started that year, I was on campus for training and he had moved in early. I went out for dinner with a few friends and he was there with some of his buddies. That was the first time we talked and I guess the rest is history. That was August of 2002 and we have been together ever since. That year we ended up having three classes together and went to many sorority and fraternity functions together.

I married my best friend on June 4, 2005 and this year will be our 5 year anniversary. We will be celebrating by going to NYC in August!

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  1. What a cute family & story how ya'll met! :)