Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kylie's Surgery

Kylie had her surgery this morning and it went great. It's been a very long day and I am very excited for bed tonight! We had to be at the hospital at 6am so we had to get up at 5am....way too early for me! We got Kylie up right before we left, changed her diaper and headed to the hospital. I was so afraid that she would be starving by the time we got to the hospital, but she did great. However, by this time it was only 6am and her surgery wasn't until 7:30. I thought for sure she would have a breakdown and cry her eyes out because she wanted her bottle. Our savior was her paci...she loves her it and it came in very handy today.

This was right before they took her back. She was so adorable in her little gown!

My friend Jackie is a Nurse Anethesist and she was doing her case, so it made me feel at ease to know that she would be there during the whole procedure. She even carried her to back to the operating room, which really eased my mind. The doctor came in and explained that her surgery would take 3 minutes for each ear, then she would go to recovery for 10 minutes or so then they would bring her to me. Well, it literally took 10 minutes from the time they took her back until then the doctor came out and told us she did great. Amazing how fast they work!

Everyone was pretty much right on when they told me how she would be when she came out of surgery. She was absolutely hysterical. I was so sad to see her cry so hard, but I knew this was the best for her and she would be better by tonight. When we got home, she slept for awhile and the first time she got up, she was still in pain. By the end of the night, she was pretty much herself, which was very relieving. I know she will feel even better tomorrow and I can't wait.

Here is a picture of her tonight right before bed. She was in a great mood!

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