Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bucket List

There are a few blogs I follow who talk about their bucket list, so I wanted to create one. I have worked on mine now for a few weeks and I plan on still adding to it. So here it is!! I plan on marking some of them off in the near future!

1. Go to New York
2. Take the kids to Disney World
3. Give Christmas to a needy family (as many times as I can)
4. Vacation in Hawaii
5. Build our dream home with Aaron
6. Go to the Kentucky Derby (not to the infield but in the stands, dressed up with a big hat!)
7. Take a photography class
8. Complete my MBA (9 hrs down, 27 to go!)
9. Run a 5K (This is big for me!)
10. Go horseback riding
11. Take dancing lessons with Aaron (this one is probably just a dream for me)
12. Go to Mardi Gras
13. See Mount Rushmore
14. Sponser a child overseas
15. Help build a Habitat for Humanity home (I have done this twice and it was amazing!)
16. Play blackjack with my family at one table in Vegas (we did this on our last cruise and it was awesome!)
17. Swim with the dolphins
18. Go to a Bengals game with Aaron
19. Grow a vegetable garden (successfully!)
20. Trace my ancestry on my side of the family and Aaron’s side to pass on to our children (I am addicted to the new show 'Who do you think you are?'
21. Go on a European cruise
22. Go water skiing
23. Ride a gondola in Venice
24. Take a hot air balloon ride
25. Coach a sports team, preferably one of my kid’s teams

I can't wait to start marking these off one by one!

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