Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kylie - 8 Months Old

I drafted this and I forgot to post it!

On Sunday, Kylie was 8 months old! Here are some updates for her:

-You weigh around 22 lbs. (We got this from getting on the scale, then adding you)
-You love to eat! There has been nothing you don't like yet. You have started eating puffs and LOVE them! (So does Blake)
-You are sitting up like a pro now!
-You are trying to scoot on your belly when reaching for things. I think you will be crawling within the next couple of weeks.
-You are so ticklish! I love to tickle you to hear your little giggle.
-Everyone says you look like Mommy and Blake.
-You sleep all night long (Mommy and Daddy love this!) You go to bed around 8pm and get up around 7am.
-You love to swing outside with Blake and you love to go for walks around the neighborhood.

You are getting so big! And more beautiful each day. Mommy and Daddy love you!

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