Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Your Kids Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Show Us Your Life this week on Kelly's Korner is your kid's names. I love baby names! My list has changed throughout the years, but I have always had my favorites. I think it says so much about the parents, and trust me, I know how hard it is! Knowing that what you name your child can possibly dictate their entire life...ok so maybe not that much, but I think so! My dad was almost named Melvin (instead of Michael)...that could have changed his whole life!

Aaron and I really didn't talk about baby names much when we were dating. I had my favorites, but I didn't want to scare him off by talking about babies! Eight months after we started dating, Aaron (and I) decided to get a dog. We were not really thinking about it, but when someone comes to your house with 6 week old pit bull pups, it's hard to resist, trust me. They are SO cute when they are puppies! Anyway, when we both decided that we were going to keep him, we had to think of names. Immediately, Aaron said 'What about Jackson?' I have always loved that name since I was a little girl. I got it from watching the movie Steel Magnolias. The reason Aaron wanted to name him Jackson, was because his best friend had recently passed away and they called him Jackson. So, I couldn't say no...especially because of the reason.

Aaron and I had only been dating for 8 months and I didn't want to tell him I wanted to name our first son Jackson (even though I knew I would marry him and have children with him!). So our dog's name is Jackson. You can read about him here.

So the story behind our children's name.... I knew I wanted to somehow use family names. It means a lot to both of us to honor our parents and grandparents.

When we found out we were having a boy, Aaron and I didn't have any trouble coming up with a name. We used his dad's middle name as his first name and my maternal grandfather's first name as his middle name. His middle name is also very prominent in Aaron's family...from Cousins and Great-Grandfather. So it was the perfect name:


As we were deciding on names, we also came up with another boys name if we had another boy. We loved the name Andrew and my father's name is Michael.


When we found out baby #2 was a girl, we were stumped! There was only one name that we had agreed on when we were pregnant with Blake, but we really hadn't talked about it. We really thought we were having another boy. We decided that we still liked that name so we just needed to come up with a middle name. I wanted to use my middle name, Elaine, because it was also my mother's middle name and my great aunt's, but Kylie Elaine had too many L's sounds for me. So we decided to use my paternal grandma's middle name:


I think it has a really good ring to it! If we do decide to have another baby and it is a girl, we are stuck because we don't have one. However, as of right now, two kiddos are enough for us!

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